GEM at Smith HS urges citywide protests against closure

Jan. 11, 2010 — Alfred E. Smith Vocational CTE High School, Bronx

Click here for video.

Seung Ok & Angel Gonzalez of GEM send solidarity and loud message to Smith HS and other NYC schools targetted for closing: Protest citywide and build a grassroot organizations to fight school closings and the drive to privatize public schools with charters!

The UFT officialdom has not been educating our members and communities about this ongoing privatization with charter schools and its union-busting of all school workers. Instead the UFT has supported charter schools and already has two charters of their own inside public school buildings. Also, the UFT supports Green Dot Charters that deny tenure rights! It will be up to the UFT members, united with our school communities, to build the necessary grassroots fightback organization.

Instead of promoting GEM’s and the Emergency Coalition to Stop School Closings‘ important community work, UFT officials have sought to undermine our work by telling teachers and parents not unite with GEM. The UFT officials threaten to take away many perks (e.g. paying for UFTconvention expenses), jobs and other “carrots” to keep members from defecting from their complicity Mayor Bloomberg-Obama-Bush privatization agenda, the “Race to the S-TOP Public Education!”

Protest at Bloomberg’s House on Jan. 21 and on Jan. 26th at Chancellor Klein’s PEP (Puppets of Education Panel) Meeting where 22 school closings will be voted on.

Commentary by Angel Gonzalez.


One thought on “GEM at Smith HS urges citywide protests against closure

  1. Unfortunately Mayor Bloomberg will not be at his residence. He is scheduled to appear in Times Square for the Jets Rally which begins at 5:30 p.m.

    Posted by Alan | January 21, 2010, 1:23 pm

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