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Adding Value to the Worthless?–Debra Meier

Then I read Deborah Meier’s December 26, 2012 piece[4] quoting material she had written 31-years ago:   “The task of returning testing to its proper place will be difficult….Our belief in democracy–that normal every day people can make sense of their world and learn to make decisions about it– is at stake…There…is arising a renewed interest … Continue reading

Inform, Support, Inspire: Promoting Policies for a Fully Funded and Effective Public School System

GEM NYC focuses on the equality and quality of public educational services as well as the rights of teachers and school workers.

Too many current corporate and government policies seek to underfund, undermine and privatize our public school system. As the attacks on public education and teachers grow more vicious, the collective organization of those who directly face these attacks at the grassroots level becomes all the more essential, and in fact constitutes the most effective potential resistance.

GEM advocates for a positive vision of education reform by building alliances with other activist groups and organizing and helping coordinate the struggle at the grassroots school and community level, with a focus on school-level organizing.


Follow the work of the Change the Stakes Campaign - a campaign to develop a non punitive process for parents to opt their children out the current high stakes testing regime in place in the NYS school system.

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