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Building Bridges: NYC Schools Closings – Another Bloomberg Snow Job

Building Bridges: NYC Schools Closings – Another Bloomberg Snow Job Listen to the Building Bridges WBAI January 31 radio broadcast that included clips of our City Hall Rally Against School Closings (Jan 27)> Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor ReportNational Edition – 28:24Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg****************************Bloomberg Stop The Snow Job On … Continue reading

Support Bronx High School of Science Teacher Harassment Law Suit

Defend Teachers Against Harassment A teacher holds a sign at a June 2010 picket near Mayor Bloomberg’s house about the Bronx Science case Help raise funds for a lawsuit to reverse Peter Lamphere’s unfair U rating. Come to one of two fundraising parties: Friday, February 4th, 4pmBronx Alehouse216 West 238th Street, Bronx (1 to 238th … Continue reading

Which side are you on: Join GEM/Real Reformers in Song at the PEP

Going to PEP Meeting Thursday? Join the GEM “Real Reformers” tomorrow  at the PEP, here are the lyrics and music on you tube:  Print out some copies and pass it along. Imagine if the entire audience rose up and sang together. The UFT has been sent the lyrics and hopefully will be on board. Which … Continue reading

PEP Video: GEM Real Reformers Sing and MCA Steppers

Video of CEJ Rally and Civil Disobedience at Tweed

A rally of mostly NYC students near City Hall in NYC focused on the forced closing of schools as part of the drive to privatize by short-changing these schools of resources. Over 20 people blocked Chambers Street near the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge and were arrested. Students began a march to the precinct but … Continue reading

CEC3 & Upper West Side Rallies Against "EVA" Charter Takeover

UFTDA Rally – Fix Schools, Don’t Close Them!

DEC 15, 2010 City Hall. Watch interviews with the UFT rank and file that pressured the UFT leadership to call this rally held after the Delegate Assembly and was limited to those attendees and staffers. The UFT did little to mobilize the entire membership. Massive fightback protests starting at each local school and citywide are … Continue reading

CEC3 Hearing for more Moskowitz’ Charters in West Side D.3

CEC3 Hearing: More Moskowitz’ Charter Invasions & Privatization of Dist3 Public Schools – Part 2 Unanimously District 3 of the Upper Manhattan West Side community boards, groups & politicians spoke out against new proposals fir Eva Moskowitz’ Charter co-locations (invasions) and takeover of local public schools. But this lack of democratic school system processes & … Continue reading

School Closing Protest

1/27/11 City Hall Rally organized by the Ad Hoc Committee Against School Closings & Charter Takeovers.

Grassroots education movement-GEM / stop school closings Jan 27th

Sam Coleman, GEM & NYCORE, speaks to crowd of 300 that navigated the 1.5 feet of snow to protest at City Hall unjust policies of school closings, charter takeovers and the privatization of public education. Message: activiate your UFT union at schools across the city to fightback! Thank you, Brother Radio Rahim of Coalition for … Continue reading

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