Building Bridges: NYC Schools Closings – Another Bloomberg Snow Job

Building Bridges: NYC Schools Closings – Another Bloomberg Snow Job

Listen to the Building Bridges WBAI January 31 radio broadcast that included clips of our City Hall Rally Against School Closings (Jan 27)>

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition – 28:24
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg
Bloomberg Stop The Snow Job On Public Schools Closings!
. Stefanie Siegel, teacher, Paul Robeson High School
. Lowena Howard, teacher, Paul Robeson High School
. Letitia Ingram-Brown, teacher, Paul Robeson High School
. Lizabeth Cooper, student, Paul Robeson High School
Highlights from the Stop Schools Closing Rally

Bloomberg’s Department of Education (DOE) plans to close 26 more
schools this year. Despite the DOE’s claim that these school closings
are aimed at reforming schools, they have instead opened the door to
privately-run charter schools and have limited school options for those
affected. According to the accounts by parents, students and teachers,
DOE policies have had the effect of undermining the schools that are
slated to be closed, not “fixing” them. Bloomberg has played a shell
game with our most vulnerable children, shuffling them around from
closing school to closing school. This process has disproportionately
affected students of color, only serving to further perpetuate a separate
and unequal school system in New York City. A discussion about and
sounds from a rally for quality resources and support for our public

schools, not closings and privatization!
Jan. 27 City Hall Rally Sponsors:
  • Grassroots Education Movement
  • New York Collective of Radical Educators
  • Coalition for Public Education
  • Green Party – Manhattan Local
  • Class Size Matters
  • United Federation of Teachers
“Defend Public Education! Stop Privatization!”


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