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Teacher Evaluation Nightmare! Forum – Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30 PM

Teacher Evaluation Nightmare !
          a forum on testing, teacher evaluations and our schools
Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30 PM
Murry Bergtraum High School Auditorium
411 Pearl Street, Manhattan

(Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station 4,5,6 -Fulton Street Station 2,3 – Chambers Street Station J)

Come to a Meeting to Discuss:
Why are the new teacher evaluations bad for teachers, students, and families?
How can we organize to change them?

Carol Burris:
L.I. Principal, one of the co-authors of the principals’ letter against evaluating teachers by       student test scores, which has been signed by nearly 1,400 New York principals.

Leonie Haimson:

parent activist and  Exec. Director of Class Size Matters

Gary Rubinstein:
Math teacher at Stuyvesant High School and critical analyst of the Teacher Data Reports
Arthur Goldstein:
E.S.L. teacher and  chapter leader at Francis Lewis High School in Queens

Come hear speakers  explain how the new evaluations will work and the implications for students, teachers, families, and education.  Join the discussion of how we can organize to change the final outcome.

On February 16th an agreement was reached on a new teacher evaluation system.
A teacher’s rating with be based upon:

  • 40% student learning (state and local test results)
  • 60% teacher performance (administration evaluation)
  • The NYC DOE and UFT must still negotiate a local assessment piece (half of the “student learning” component) with the state education department giving final approval.

Read More: (NYC Parent Blog) This article also contains links to many other articles detailing the problems with the new teacher evaluation system

Leo Casey “Sets the Record Straight” on the New Teacher Evaluations (Assailed Teacher blog)

Sponsored by: Grassroots Education Movement and The Change the Stakes Campaign, Class Size Matters, and Parents Across America 

Blog  :  or email:

For more information about  the negative effects of high stakes tests or opting your child out of high stakes testing, please visit: 


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