HIGH STAKES 101: What does high stakes testing mean – March 19, 6:30PM

GEM’s Janine Sopp sent this along. She has been a major player with the GEM high stakes testing committee, which has involved with the opt-out movement in the Change the Stakes campaign.

Hello All!

I hope this finds you well. Together with many others, I have been busy putting together a panel* on high-stakes testing that will take place at BNS on Mon March 19. It’s being sponsored by the BNS/BCS (PS146) PAC and PS 29 and we are hoping for a full house of folks–from lots of schools and throughout the community.

I am sure you are learning about our event through the numerous listservs we are all connected to and have possibly been invited already.  I’d love to invite you to help spread the word on your listservs and with our posters in advance and also invite you and your organizations to bring information about the great work you are doing around these issues.  We will have 2 or more information tables for hand outs, books, petitions, dvds or any other literature you have to share, and if you would like to speak with visitors, this would be a great way to explain what you are doing.

Please let us know if you will attend or send someone, or can leave materials for us to display.  Also, let us know if you have any special requests.

I am attaching a jpeg here that is good for sharing electronically (to listserv, FB page, etc.) as well as 2 color posters and on b + w.

Since we are providing childcare and pizza for the children, we hope this makes it even easier for families to attend what we expect to be a timely, lively and informative panel.  (See details below)

All the best,

Janine Sopp



What does high stakes testing mean

for our children?

our teachers?

our schools?

MONDAY, MARCH 19 at 6:30pm

*Education reporter Meredith Kolodner (Daily News, InsideSchools)

will moderate a panel discussion with distinguished guests: 

Shael Polakow-Suransky
Chief Accountability Officer of the NYC Dept. of Education

Sean Feeney

Principal of the Wheatley School and Author of the New York Principals APPR Position Paper

Elijah Hawkes

Former Principal of The James Baldwin Expeditionary Learning School



If interested in CHILDCARE and PIZZA (starting at 6 PM, $5 suggested donation), RSVP to



F or G to Carroll St. station, exit 2nd Place


3 thoughts on “HIGH STAKES 101: What does high stakes testing mean – March 19, 6:30PM

  1. Excellent “assessment” Peter. Your higher-order thinking skills earn you a 4! Did all those high stakes tests give you such abilities? I’m glad there is faith in the abilities of parents, teachers and activists coming together to lead the charge of change for what is good and right in our public school system….after all, WE are the public, no?

    Posted by Grassroots Education Movement | March 23, 2012, 9:58 am
  2. Tsausa γεια σουτα πραγματα ειναι απλα,1. καποιοι γυρω απο wall steert, fleet steert κλπ τιναξανε πριν ενα χρονο τη banca στον αερα χωρις να εχει κανενας απο εμας συμμετοχη και μερτικο στο προηγουμενο φαγοποτι.2. Σημερα, μετα ενα χρονο, ζητανε τα ρεστα απο μικρουπαλληλους, μικροσυνταξιουχους, κλπ να ρεφαρουν οι ξενοι δανειστες που ειναι οι ιδιοι με το (1) τη χασουρα.Η εκτιναξη του ελλειμματος εδω κι αλλου δεν ειναι τοπικο φαινομενο. Οφειλεται στα χρηματα που εδωσαν οι κυβερνησεις στις τραπεζες και στα επιδοματα ανεργιας.Αs simple as that!

    Posted by Ramhari | December 29, 2012, 10:13 pm
  3. You really created a number of superb stuff with your article, “HIGH STAKES 101: What does high stakes testing mean –
    March 19, 6:30PM | Grassroots Education Movement”. I’ll possibly be returning to ur web page before long. Thank you -Rosario

    Posted by | April 23, 2013, 9:24 am

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