PS165 @ CEC3: No to Charter Invasion – Pt.2 & Pt.1

Nov. 17, 2010 – Upper West Side, Manhattan

After serving the community for over 100 years, our space and programs are being threatened. Eva Moskowitz’ wants a new private HSA Charter School to co-locate in the PS/MS 165/Mott Hall 2 Campus and over time phase out these three outstanding public schools.P.S./M.S. 165 is renowned for its model Dual Language program, Gifted and Talented Program, and programs for students with special needs. It has a long history of community enrichment. It is not a failing school. Yet, a charter school without this long history of success wants to deprive P.S./M.S. 165 and Mott Hall II of space and resources in order to implement their own programming.”
The school’s community rapidly mobilized and loudly opposed the Moskowitz Charter at their Community Education Council – CEC3.

A crowd of over 500, of diverse nationalities, packed the auditorium to express their outrage and chanted:

NO to the Eva Moskowitz’ Private Charter School Invasion!

NO to a reduced school zone which would bring fewer students to PS 165 and allow the Dept of Education to free up classrooms for private charter expansion.


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