Protest the PEP: Stand up to the ATTACK on Public Education!

More than 47 Schools Slated for Potential Closure

It’s time to stand up to the attack on public education!

Protest Michael Bloomberg and his puppet school board, the “Panel for Educational Policy.” This administration has overseen the school-closing assault and promoted other attacks on our public school system, including:

– Increasing the number of charter schools colocated with our public schools, causing increased overcrowding.
– Cutting school budgets while NOT providing the support schools need to help students.
– Promoting the use of standardized testing as the only method of evaluating students’ progress and teachers’ effectiveness.
– Threatening to publish teachers’ test scores, despite scandals exposing the tests as inaccurate and flawed.
-Increasing the number of quality teachers in the excessed ATR pool who are denied seniority rights.
-Appointing Chancellors and other high level DOE officials who are not qualified for the job.

Tired of the education deform onslaught against parents, students and teachers?

Make your voices heard! Join the Real Reformers. Protest the Panel for Education Policy. This will be the first of an ongoing series of actions to protest the disastrous educational policies that are trying to dismantle public education

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Meet at 5:30pm
Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene – Brooklyn, NY 11217
B, M, Q, R to Dekalb Avenue, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Nevins Street, G to Fulton Street.

It is time for school-communities city-wide to organize and mobilize! Contact GEM if you need assistance in your school. See our Advocacy Toolkits on the side panel of this site. Together we can make our voices heard and stop the destructive forces who are undermining our public education system.


Come and let your voice be heard. 
No closing schools!
Fix our schools, if needed, don’t close them!
Say NO to the privatizers
We need a chancellor with real qualifications


Join the Real Reformers on 11/16 

Don a Real Reformer SuperCape and participate in our rapsong extravaganza in front of the next PEP meeting
No talent necessary
Capes and lyrics will be provided
We’ll meet up at 4:15 at the corner of DeKalb Ave. and South Elliot Pl. by Fort GreenePark for a mini rehearsal and then go over to Brooklyn Tech HS at 5:15 for the performance. 
 Join with us and let your voice be heard


Let’s tell the Puppet PEP that we are not going to let them deform, dismantle and destroy our schools and our students’ education!
See our previous performance at:
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Meet at 4:30pm
Brooklyn Technical High School is at 29 Fort Greene – Brooklyn, NY 11217
B, M, Q, R to Dekalb Avenue, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Nevins Street, G to Fulton Street.


One thought on “Protest the PEP: Stand up to the ATTACK on Public Education!


    While so much necessary time and energy are being spent to block Bloomberg's outrageous choice of Cathie Black for Chancellor, we must assume that if the Waiver is not granted, it is to be expected that Bloomberg's next choice will be equally inappropriate and uninformed.

    In light of this fact, would it not be wise, useful and prudent for all groups opposing the choice of Cathie Black, to begin creating a list of ten or more names which all informed parties in the Education Community can agree would absolutely constitute first class choices to lead the largest Public Schools system in the nation.

    While criticism of the Mayor's very poor judgment is both important and useful it is equally imperative that a positive, pro-active strategy now be initiated immediately in which it will be the Mayor who will be on the defensive to explain why he refuses to consider the first class candidates recommended to him by the Education community.

    There are doubtless many individuals in the US who are ready, willing and able and possess the requisite expertise and integrity to serve as the next NYC Schools Chancellor.

    Such an initiative would clearly place the Mayor in a position where he would not dare attempt to engage in “dejas vu”, all over again, after the Waiver is denied and might even force the media, he controls to a large extent to admit and say:
    “Yes- what about “so and so” to replace Cathie Black. S/he would represent a far wiser choice.”

    Now is the time to act in order to prevent a repeat of the present ugly and embarrassing fiasco.

    Posted by DAVID PAKTER | November 14, 2010, 5:27 pm

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