Whose Map Is It?

Feeling the heat James?

Dear Norm,

I have in front of my a brochure from your organization (dated August 9, 2009) that uses our map prominently. While I certainly have no problem with you using the information on the map, I do have a problem with you using the map itself. Its colors, look and feel, are very much associated with the Center and therefore your use of it confuses the reader that we support the positions taken in the brochure. Accordingly, I must insist that you cease immediately distributing the brochure with our map image in any shape or form—equally please remove the map from your website.
I thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.
James D. Merriman
Chief Executive Officer
111 Broadway, Suite 604, New York, NY 10006
T: 212.437.8302 F: 212. 227.2763
It’s about great public schools


One thought on “Whose Map Is It?

  1. Maybe we should draw this asshole a map of where to go when we're done with him.

    Posted by deterritorialization | February 23, 2010, 4:11 pm

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