Rally to STOP School Closures at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Home 1/21/10

The Mayor’s block on East 79th Street was packed on Thursday evening with New York City students, parents and teachers who are furious over Mayor Bloomberg’s overt attempt to undermine public education. Closing 22 more schools and giving public school space to charter schools are two of the many destructive tactics being utilized by the Mayor.

Students, parents and teachers understand what the Mayor does not.
Norman Siegel and students from Beach Channel and Jamaica High School spoke with protesters after they marched in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s home.

The march was a powerful protest against Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Education’s efforts to pull the rug out from under and destroy public education.

Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to hand over NYC children to private interests must be stopped!

Students from the 22 schools understand that Mayor Bloomberg and Joel Klein are the ones who’ve failed.


One thought on “Rally to STOP School Closures at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Home 1/21/10

  1. If it was up to me, I’d elect Bloomberg again in a heartbeat, over Quinn, Weiner, or any other guys. All of those caetddains are just plain embarrassing to have in the city after Guiliani and Bloomberg. There hasn’t been a single thing I’ve disagreed with him in years, banning and raising taxes on cigarettes, sugary drinks, installing citibikes, building bike lanes, how he handled the Hurricane, and screwing with the unions. And don’t forget the financial discipline, unlike all the previous mayors.Also the new Taxi design I like as well, its very spacious, I’m looking forward to them.If they could make all Taxis electric or at the very least hybrids, it would be a major step to cleaning up the air in NYC.Basically most people don’t realize how good they had it until its gone!

    Posted by Slamet | February 9, 2014, 5:03 pm

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