Beach Channel & Jamaica Students Support Smith Against Closure

Jan. 11, 2009 – Alfred E. Smith High School, Bronx

A standing room only crowd filled the AE Smith auditorium to oppose Bloomberg’s Department of Education’s (DOE) plan to close Smith down. Students, parents, teachers, politicians & community activists, including business leaders, defended Smith’s track record in providing essential vocational and technical career training to Bronx and students across the city.

Queens students (Rachel from Jamaica High and Chris from Beach Channel High) reached out to students in an effort to build a citywide student organization against the closures.
Chris was on point as he denounced the DOE’s incompetency and ignorance about the negative impact of its “closure” decisions on students’ education and lives.

Rachel and Chris hope to organize all concerned students across the New York City. They are attending DOE Closing Hearings and use Facebook and other media tools to do their outreach.

Teachers and parents can help by connecting students from their schools with Rachel & Chris.

Click title for video of their solidarity message at Smith High.
(Pictures of the Smith HS protest on Jan. 8 are included.)


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