Save Paul Robeson From DOE Closing

December 15, 2009 – Brooklyn. A special thanks to Adele Pham for this professionally produced video of the Rally to Save Paul Robeson High School from the current DOE Closings hachet-job. Students, teachers, parents and alumni protested to the powerful beats of school drummers. Two teacher-activists (Marjorie Stamberg and Seung Ok) and Councilman Charles Barron argue against the Department of Education’s drive to privatize New York City public schools.

Click title to see video.

Special Note: Adele Pham, documentary filmmaker living in Clinton Hill, is working with Stefanie Siegel of Bailey’s Cafe, who teaches at Paul Robeson. Adele is also making a documentary about the state of gentrification in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, which can be viewed here:


2 thoughts on “Save Paul Robeson From DOE Closing

  1. I'm glad that paul robenson is closing. That school is nutting but gangs and hoes. The kids don't learn and there always fighing. I was so happy when I got outta that school. There were killing people and junping kids. There ativity was wrong. In gym class they didn't do anything. I'm glad that there closing. The students put the name paul robenson to shame

    Posted by melany | January 22, 2010, 12:11 pm
  2. Response to Melany:

    We know these schools are not perfect – but the question is, instead of really trying to reach these children, the city is just moving them around – to more crowded situations. The small schools and charter schools that replace these schools, only take the better students – that's just avoiding the issues, and abandoning all the other students.
    Plus, i visited Paul Robeson, there were many positive student role models standing up for their schools.


    Posted by out the box | January 23, 2010, 8:00 am

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