PS 15 and PAVE duke it out at the CEC hearing


The Daily News finally steps in to comment on Sept. 27th.
I wonder if they’re reading the blogs.

Important videos on the Sept. 17th CEC hearing in Red Hook over the continued occupation of public school space by the PAVE Academy Charter School.

After a vigorous defense of the charter’s occupation of the building by NY Charter School Parents Association Prez Mona Davids, CEC Chair Jim Devor firmly set the record straight on whose jurisdiction it is to authorize space in schools.

Devor stated that a district’s CEC has the authority and the right to hold hearings on these issues of occupancy, and the DoE has the obligation to listen to its recommendations. The CEC does not have the authority to make the final decision, remarking rather colorfully:

“Nobody has authority except God, the mayor and the chancellor. And we’re not sure about God and the mayor.”

The whole exchange can be viewed at Ednotes here.

A more recent post focuses on PAVE’s founder and director Spencer Robertson, who as far as I can see, seems to have lied himself into a corner.

See that clip here.

— jw


One thought on “PS 15 and PAVE duke it out at the CEC hearing

  1. Spencer Robertson is not only a LIAR, but a fraud and a phoney. The truth will come out about him and his horrible mangagement skills. His own people, in the learning survey last year (online on the DOE website) say it all:
    when asked if they felt their school leader was an effective manager- 100% of the respondents answered that he was not. When asked if their school leader was trust worthy- 50% said he was not! If his own people think he is a bad leader and half of them do not trust him… then perhaps the DOE needs to take a closer look at who they are privileging!

    Posted by Anonymous | September 21, 2009, 6:39 pm

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