Bloomberg to lay off children services workers this month

A message from Faye Moore, President of AFSCME Local 371 — Childcare Services — which another aspect of the struggle to get children in this city the services they need.

All teachers know that when I child is hungry, ill, abandoned, and abused, he can never reach his or her full potential in school, no matter how much they’re tested and data-processed.

I need your help.

Local 371 is slated to lose 319 members through layoff on Friday, September 25, 2009. They work in ACS and they are all permanent civil servants; many with more than 10 years of service. The Union has posted a video running on youtube. Go to youtube/500jobs view it, rate it, MAKE THE CALL and pass it on to someone! Call 212 788-0268. I’m also asking that you tag it to your Facebook and MySpace pages if you have them.

We are trying to create pressure so that the Mayor backs off these layoffs. I know its a long shot but we’re fighting back every way we can.

From AFSCME Local 371 President Moore.



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