July 23 — Charter School hearing in Brooklyn

Community School District # 13

From the organizers:

This came about because I questioned whether public notice was given to the community at-large.

We need as many people as possible to show up. District 13 does not need another charter school. We already have the following:
Community Roots Charter School
Leadership Bedord-Stuyvesant Prep Charter School
Community Partnership Charter School
Achievement First Endeavors Middle School – pushed into our district because they built a school in our district. They were supposed to serve District 14. They haven’t done so well lately.

The other schools haven’t had a graduation as yet. Leadership in which my daughter is a former student just had their first year of testing 3rd grade.

Community Partnership is not doing well.

We have Bedford Academy in our district who graduated 96% of their students this year in 4 years.

Khem Irby 718-452-0146

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Attached (and below) is the public hearing notice for Bedford Preparatory Charter School. Please share with families in your community.

Jacqui Lipson
CEC Administrative Coordinator
Office for Family Engagement and Advocacy
NYC Department of Education
49 Chambers Street, room 503
New York NY 10007
(212) 374-2425
(212) 374-0076 (fax)


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