GEM news reported in Ednotes

Important reports on GEM’s work in the fight against Corporatization.

Are Charters Beginning to Run Out of Kids to Cream? (July 17)
EXCERPT: Last night at Shellbank, Brooklyn Dreams came off as looking pathetic as they search through south Brooklyn for the right sweet spot. Asked to define what they offer that public schools don’t, the only thing they could come up with is “smaller class sizes”. Duhhh!
[continued . . . ]

Resistance Grows in Harlem (July 16)
“But in recent months, the black community seems to be rising up. The old community control struggles of the 60’s seem to be re-emerging where black activists are asking the same questions about dictatorial control of the schools as the white activists. The heavy hand of the Moskowitz invasion of Harlem schools has not helped BloomKlein. . . .

GEM has been serving a role in trying to bring teachers. parents and community activists together in a black/white/Hispanic united front. We have been taking a firm stand against mayoral control (NO TWEAKS) and against charter schools in any form. [continued . . . ]

The Resistance Grows: GEM News and CAPE Press Release (July 16)
EXCERPT: CAPE’s statement: ““The Bloomberg administration’s long-term goal is to cut the number of public schools in half and double the number of charter schools.” This claim was recently made in a Helen Zelon article quoting long time administrators and DOE officials. It is a claim that is quite disturbing and has motivated a group of educators and parents to organize for the protection and preservation of public schools and public education.

This group, Concerned Advocates for Public Education, seeks to lend their voice to the education policy and reform debate, a voice that has been marginalized and silenced, a trend that we will stand for no longer. [continued . . . ]

— JW


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